You can navigate through the exhibition by clicking on the thumbnails, or by using the small control panel at the lower right of the gallery page.

By thumbnails:

Click a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen to for a larger view of that image.

By controls:

toggle display of the navigation control buttons
toggle display of artwork information (without having to move cursor over image)
display previous image
start automatic slide show (images change every few seconds)
stop automatic slide show
display next image

Display artwork information

Title, materials, dimension, year of creation and price can be seen by moving the cursor over the enlarged image in the center of the window (no need to click).

Hide artwork information

Drag the cursor off of the enlarged image to hide the text about the artwork.

Potential problems:

Gallery does not open

The gallery requires the Flash player plug-in (version 6 or newer). You can download recent version of Flash here. If any difficulties persist, you might also try viewing the site in a different browser.

Gallery freezes

We have been informed that on rare occasions the gallery becomes unresponsive to thumbnail navigation. We are working to correct this problem. In the meantime you can restore gallery function by clicking the control buttons or by selecting ‘refresh’ from your browser.

Thumbnails and Gallery Controls are not visible (below the window)

If you are unable to see the small thumbnail images below the main art display, and if the round control buttons are not visible at the lower right of your screen:

1) Maximize the size of the gallery window

2) If the thumbnails and controls still do not appear, the solution is to increase the screen resolution of your monitor. A screen resolution of approximately 1280 x 1024 is ideal. Higher resolutions will result in the display of very small images; lower resolutions may result in the gallery controls not being visible on the bottom of the page. To increase the screen resolution:

PC: Open the Control Panel -> Display. Click the “Display Properties” tab. Then increase the screen resolution.

Mac: Open System Preferences. Select a larger screen resolution.

NOTE: after changing the screen resolution, you may need to return to step 1 above (increase the size of your gallery browser window so that it fills the entire screen)
We hope to resolve this inconvenience before the next exhibition.

Additional problems? Contact us. Please let us know what computer, operating system, and browser (with version number) you are using.

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